Effective Ways to Research a Company Before an Interview

April 8, 2024

Key takeaways

Research MethodBenefits
Company websiteLearn about products/services, mission, values
Social mediaGet insights into company culture and recent news
News articlesFind latest developments and company reputation
LinkedInSee employee insights and your connections at the company
GlassdoorGet insider info on interview process and company reviews

Why Research a Company Before Your Interview?

Researching company before your interview is super important. Here's why:

  • Shows the interviewer you're really interested in the job
  • Helps you ask smart questions and have a good conversation
  • Lets you see if the company is a good fit for you
  • Gives you confidence and helps you relax in the interview

How to Research a Company Effectively

Here are some of the best ways to research a company before your interview:

1. Check Out the Company Website

The company's own website is a great place to start your research. Spend time looking at:

  • The "About Us" page to learn the company's mission, values, and story
  • Products and services pages to understand what the company actually does
  • Press releases and blog for the latest company news and developments

2. Follow Them on Social Media

Look up the company's accounts on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc. This will give you a feel for their brand voice and culture. Pay attention to:

  • What kind of content they post - articles, photos, videos, etc.
  • Frequency and style of their posts
  • Follower engagement and comments

3. Read News Articles About the Company

Search for the company name on Google News or other news sites. Reading articles from third-party sources can tell you:

  • Big wins, product launches, or other important company events
  • Challenges or controversies the company has faced
  • What experts are saying about the company and its industry

4. Use LinkedIn to See Employee Insights

Look up the company's LinkedIn page as well as profiles of employees, especially those on the team you're interviewing with. This can reveal:

  • Background info and work history of your interviewers
  • Shared connections - see if you know anyone who works there
  • Posts and articles by company leaders and employees

5. Browse Glassdoor Reviews

Glassdoor is a site where current and former employees anonymously review companies. There you can find:

  • Overall company ratings and reviews
  • Details on pay, benefits, and company culture
  • Insights into the interview process and questions asked

Blind is another great resource for this.

6. Reach Out to Current or Past Employees

If you know someone who works at the company, definitely reach out to them! Even if it's just a friend of a friend, most people are happy to have a quick chat about their workplace. Ask them about:

  • What it's really like to work there day-to-day
  • Biggest pros and cons of the job and company
  • Any tips for the interview process

How Much Research is Enough?

You want to have a solid overall understanding of the company, but don't stress about becoming an expert on every detail. Aim to spend about 1-3 hours researching before your interview.

Focus on gathering info that will help you have an engaging interview conversation, like:

  • Key facts about the company's mission and offerings
  • Their latest news and developments
  • Culture and what it's like to work there
  • Background on your interviewers

The goal is to come across as interested and informed, not to overload them with unnecessary facts just to prove how much research you did.

Putting Your Research Into Action

As you research, take notes on key facts and topics you want to discuss. Jot down questions that come to mind.

Then before the interview, review your notes. Think about how you'll work tidbits from your research into your answers, as well as how to answer any potentially challenging or unique questions that might come up.

For example, if they ask what interested you about the job, mention something specific about their mission or culture that stood out in your research. If they ask what your weaknesses are, be sure to mention one that is not mission-critical to the role or company.

Have a few smart questions prepared based on your research as well. For instance, you could ask about:

  • Recent company news or developments
  • Specifics of the role and how it fits into company goals
  • Next steps for a project they're working on

Key Things to Remember

Thorough research will boost your confidence and help you make a great impression. To recap, here are the key things to remember:

  • Start with the company website and social media for an overview
  • Read recent news articles for an outside perspective
  • Use LinkedIn to learn about employees and your interviewers
  • Check Glassdoor for insider reviews and interview tips
  • Reach out to current/past employees if possible
  • Weave your research into your interview answers and questions
  • Don't go overboard - 2-3 hours of research is plenty

Now go research the company, rock that interview, and get hired!

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